Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Call for Action

In my reading of Getting Started the authors ask the the questions: What do we expect our students to learn? How will we know they have learned? How will respond when students don’t learn?

To answer these questions, we need to build a collaborative culture in schools and organizing teams to develop mission, vision, values and goals. What is the school we are trying to create? What is our purpose? If we are serious about the implementation of collective commitments to move our schools in the intended direction of technology and creativity we need to continuously promote, protect and defend the vision and values.

Let’s explore this a little further: What are we planning for? What are we modelling as a staff to our students (you can’t give what you don’t got)? What do we monitor? What do we celebrate? What are we willing to confront? How are we prepared to allocate time, energy, money? What other questions are driving our school?
It is not about recreating schools but redefining and prioritizing our focus for our respective districts and schools.

To start you on your journey explore the following link:

32 ways to use Google Apps

What’s your story?

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