Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Digital Storytelling: Body, Mind, Machine

Digital storytelling is the application of technology to the age-old experience of sharing personal narratives. It is a process or a vehicle for studying themes, structures, concepts, and contents of any curriculum. The structures in digital storytelling establish character and place, rising action, climax and dénouement. Finally through digital storytelling students create the content in these structures which provide and imply an imposed discipline.

A digital story typically begins with a script. The storyteller then assembles rich media to support the ideas and emotions in that script, including music or other audio effects, personal or public-domain images, animations or video, and other electronic ele¬ments. The storyteller pieces together and edits the digital story, creating a short movie, usually about two to four minutes long, in one of various file formats. (7 things you should know about digital storytelling)

Digital storytelling weaves together body, mind and machine.
The following is a list of possible criteria:
• Serious purpose?
• Risk or experiment?
• Use of space?
• Use of people?
• Use of time?
• Improvement?
• Control of media and expression?
• Media translation?
• Communication?
• Self-confidence?
• Use of symbols?
• In role?
• Shape?
• Text interpretation?
• Adequate preparation?
• Effective speech and movement?

1) It allows the student to make contact with his environment and record her findings.
2) It creates a bridge between a student’s consciousness and emotional experience.
3) It represents to the student the externalized experience if her emotional life.
4) It serves the student as engagement, as amusement, and as authentic.

The teacher by being knowledgeable, flexible, inspiring, approachable, enthusiastic, organized; should be able to help students strike the balance between the use of the medium and the message.
Below, I have linked some student work as starting points-
Commercial -Girl shares her experience and riding
Newscast - the debate over the ethical dilemma of cloning.
Renee's Blog Girl shares work and thoughts of the process

What’s your story?

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