Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You can't give what you don't got...

even if …
i pads or i phones or
moodle or google or
blogs or gadgets or bing…
That you use is the very best one,
Teaching SMART is so much fun.

If you are “new” to the world of teaching with technology, remember you can’t give what you don’t got. Keep in mind that every teacher and every team has a hand in the school improvement plan. Generally, all plans are designed to increase student achievement. If you want to add technology into the plan you have to identify and pursue SMART goals. Otherwise technology for the sake of technology is the ideology of the cancer cell.

Key Questions:
1) What knowledge and skills should each student acquire from the use of the technology?
2) How do we know if the student has mastered the intended outcomes?
3) How will we respond when a student has initial difficulty achieving the established standards you set?

An ounce of planning:
Once the above questions are asked and answered, we are able to align our time, money, and energy in a way that would give us the biggest return on investment of our scarce resources. This leads to celebrations. No matter how big or how small, we look for celebrations and the use of technology with our students in their inevitable achievement.

I encourage you to keep tweeting, moodling, googling, blogging – SHARING … with the goal toward student achievement and engagement. I look forward to learning from each other, only then will I be able to give what I got.

What's your story?

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