Thursday, May 12, 2011

Which class would you choose?


Classroom A

Classroom B

Classroom C


5o minute class about to begin, students in rows of desks, Students with binders and books, posters in the room, high yield strategies posted, teachers desk, computers, interactive whiteboard, and similar atmosphere, teachers welcome students and say "Let's get started"

9 a.m.

  • Teacher A checks homework
  • Calls on students for attendance
  • Teacher B reviews yesterday's lesson
  • Teacher B assigns new twist to the same problem
  • Students present an approach and solution to the new problem
  • Teacher C asks students short answer review questions in a warm-up style
  • Teacher checks homework and does attendance by calling on students for answers.


  • Teacher A presents a problem to students
  • Students answer specific questions related to the problem
  • Teacher B emphasizes specific methods to solving the problem
  • Teacher B presents the task of the day and monitors progress
  • Students work at on it independently
  • Teacher takes attendance
  • Teacher C distributes worksheets with similar problems
  • Students work independently
  • Teacher C monitors work
  • Teacher C notices confusions and demonstrates how to problem solve


  • Students begin working on a handout.
  • Teacher A asks that they stay on task.
  • Class reviews the work by reading answers aloud from the handout.
  • Teacher B suggests students continue their work in small groups.
  • Small group leaders share problems with teacher who writes them on the whiteboard
  • Class discussion ensues
  • Teacher C presents another worksheet with more challenging problems
  • Students work independently


  • Teacher assigns homework
  • Students get a head-start on homework
  • Teacher B highlights a good method to solving the problems
  • No homework assigned
  • Teacher conducts a quick oral review
  • Teacher assigns homework


Class dismissed

1 comment:

Stephan Pelland said...

All teachers tended to divide their lessons into periods of classwork and seatwork. For me I would choose Classroom B.