Monday, May 9, 2011

Search and Google

I want to increase the probability of learning in my students, so I assist them to develop skills they need in order to be self-directed / independent learners. I use a search strategy to assist them in the preparation and planning stage before googling. My research projects usually focus on a question to be answered rather than a general topic.

With the use of a problematic situation I heighten students’ curiosity and engage them to want to do more. As the students begin the task that is set before them, I assist the students to make connections and monitor their understanding. Finally, when it comes near the end of the task for the summative report, I engage the students in a reflection.

Specifically students:

1) Select a specific topic of interest to study
2) Establish what students know, think they know, and want to know about the topic. I usually have them think-pair-share to stimulate ideas. Then they record their ideas into categories. Students soon discover they know more than they realize and boost their confidence.
3) Ask questions to raise curiosity and challenge students by asking for more specific information when they share about their topic.
4) Read resource material, including google searches, to verify what they know and think they know, to answer questions, and raise new questions.
5) Come together like scholars; to review their findings.
6) Have large group discussion to share their findings, and to identify unanswered questions as well as new questions for further research.

When students feel overwhelmed I use this search and google technique.

What’s your story?

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