Friday, May 6, 2011

Not another graphic organizer

Today's students need to be effective thinkers, team players, writers and strategic planners. Graphic organizers like Venn Diagrammes, T-Charts and the like provide a blueprint to encourage and develop these valuable skills in our students.

Graphic organizers assist the student to question any of the following components in reading or multi-media material including central idea, particular statement, example that supports and idea, proof of a fact, definition of a concept.

Engaging students in the critical thinking process means asking students to discover and uncover similarities, differences, causes and effects, examples of ideas, ideas to examples and evaluation. Within these processes students ask questions that use mind actions including: this reminds me of? How is this different from my experience, why did this happen or what caused this, What is the central idea, what evidence do I have to support this, or how do I evaluate this?

Here is a link to get you started.... GRAPHIC ORGANIZER
To suggest that one graphic organizer over another is better, is a statement that does not look at the student but rather the tool. Nevertheless, a discovery with a graphic organizer is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.

What's your story?

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