Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My way or the highway

With the students that I have worked with over my career, I have come across students who misbehave. In my experience, misbehaviour comes from a student’s feelings of inadequacies. Feeling inadequate can lead to anger which can lead to bullying, and feelings of arrogance can lead to attention seeking behaviour.

Where we often find an impasse and escalate a situation is when we take a stand as teachers and say “it’s my way or the highway”. Listening and open communication are the best policies, as they allow us to identify feelings to begin to help students. Blocking the two-way street of communication and paving a highway your way leads to devastation.

Simply respond to students as good citizens and know that they are usually harder on themselves then we could ever be. Let’s begin to look at the rules in our classrooms as structure that gives safety and freedom to every student, including you!

What's your story?

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