Friday, January 4, 2008

Adoption of change

This humorous little You Tube presentation on "How to read a book" explores the adoption of innovation the importance on readiness for change... in this case from the scroll to the book.

Change and implementation are central themes when it comes to the use of technology in the classroom. Michael Fullan suggests that people often resist change because of the uncertainty it creates, concern over personal loss, group norms, the need for dependence, lack of trust, and aware of weaknesses in the proposed change.

From what I have read, the literature surrounding change suggests, for the most part, that people are far less enthusiastic about change when they are being changed rather than initiating change.

With all the change afoot, with regard to computers, websites, blogs, electronic portfolios ... it seems that perhaps we should look at the balance at what is worth doing with computer technology rather than focusing on what it can do! The tool used in the classroom is important, however it must intersect with outstanding pedagogy. Only when these two elements germinate, will they change the way knowledge is constructed, stored and learned.

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